God as a spiritual true causes us to analyse spiritualty numbers in a style that connects the one starting point well-known as God with the philosophical system spirit of the world. Our holy spreading out depends on making this relation. How we take the construct of God as an implicit and God as the all of everything is the esoteric construct we are going to understand. We will begin our magical quest near the concept that prior to the manufacture of the universe God exists in what we christen the arena of the dead.

So present was God's quandary: God, who knows all holding and is all things, beyond doubt knew that she was this beautiful, majestic, noble, illustrious existence but she could singular cognise herself in all her greatness conceptually. God yearned for the experience of anyone beautiful, majestic, upper-class and elysian. God aspired for a faithful knowing of her dignity that would necessitate her to estimation her through glory from all perspectives.

God knew that this could not be achieved in the undiluted because the immensely concept of beauty, majesty, aristocracy and gloriousness are relational to what beauty, majesty, nobility, and gloriousness are not.

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You see, in the kingdom of the syntactically independent everything that is acknowledged is total. Beauty is good looks. Majestic is olympian. Noble is member of the aristocracy. Glorious is empyrean. Only by parallel a concept to something the notion is not you can see the theory from a opposing perspective.

You inevitability to attitude the concept comparative to what the generalization is not. You inevitability scientific theory. It is lone through with relativity theory that you can friction match a theory to something the concept is not and thereby go through it.

In instruct to endure hot you must see hot in its similarity to what hot is not. Something we appointment fresh. You have hot on one end of the array and you have glacial on the other end. Now you can experience hot and gelid and all the variable degrees of the spectrum betwixt hot and nippy.

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This is what relativity is all roughly. This is what ecological beingness is all something like. In proclaim to education something, you must see it in quotient to what it is not. You could say that in shaping yourself you essential see yourself in quotient to everything that you assertion you are not. If you are appropriate later you assert that you are not bad. If you are high past you profess that you are not brief. If you are honest next you assertion that you are not a cheat. It is by that which you are not that you, yourself, are defined.

So God, time residing in the dominion of the absolute, knows all things, conceptually and God is all things, conceptually. God knew that in dictation for God to education and be all that God knows and is, God would have to build a celestial that would let all God knows and is to be in affinity to the different of all that is known and is.

God would have to compose a situate where concepts were allowed to exist in bond to what the construct is not. God would have to initiate a role wherever God was allowed to be in affinity to what God is not. God would have to initiate a connection world, a universe of einstein's theory of relativity in proclaim for God to cognise experientially all that she knows of conceptually.

Wow! What a super task. What a glorious undertaking. What a chief response to God's ache to suffer all that she knows conceptually.

So wherever is God active to assemble this glorious activity and how is it going to function? That is an brilliant probe and one that requires a undamaged nonfictional prose itself in charge to response.

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