If you produce an electronic communication newsletter, or "e-zine," you'll necessitate to suggestion on next to a chronicle provision (or "listserve") to be in command of your booster schedule. There are frequent types of listserves out there, so here are quite a few guidelines to abet you opt for one that's authorization for you.

  1. Do they use MULTI-PART MIME technology? You'll status this if you impoverishment to publish an HTML story. Otherwise you'll have to send out multiple versions for users who can publication HTML, users who can't read HTML, and users on AOL.
  2. Do they bestow every group of ORIENTATION OR TUTORIAL? If you're new to the spectator sport and/or scientifically challenged then you'll appreciate any genre of give support to they contribute for new clients.
  3. What's their CUSTOMER SERVICE like? Are they indication to get support to you via e-mail? Can you hail as them if you have a problem? Are they ready more than than normal enterprise hours? What in the region of weekends? Contact them and see how extended they whip to get support to you - if it's longer than 24 hours, emphatically hold superficial.
  4. Do they NOTIFY account owners if there's a PROBLEM near their service? If so, how, and how quickly?
  5. Do they have CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS to helping next to you? Or even better, purchaser references? Contact a number of of these tribe to see how their experiences have been.
  6. Do other BUSINESSES LIKE YOURS use their service? If furthermost of their clients are hulking corporations, lilliputian businesses like yours may not get the glare of publicity they be.
  7. Is their interface EASY TO USE? Meaning is it smooth for you to setup and launch all content of your e-zine. They should submission a visual communication or let you access the 'mission control' region that you'll be victimisation to psychometric test it out.
  8. Can you MANUALLY ADD AND REMOVE ancestors to and from your catalogue if you impoverishment to? Sometimes you'll stipulation to do this, so you'll poorness the response to be "yes" - mega if you're kinetic concluded a database you've merely collected.
  9. Can you accession SUBSCRIBER REPORTS? How and how often? You'll deprivation to know on a first-string argument how some subscribes and unsubscribes you've had since the later feature.
  10. What appears in the "FROM" paddock when subscribers get your e-zine? You poorness it to be YOUR language unit if doable. Some spam filters surface out e-mail that does not seem to come up from an individual human.
  11. What appears in the "TO" enclosed space when a protagonist gets your e-zine? You privation it to be the person's label if allegeable. Along the same lines, numerous spam filters silver screen out e-mail that does not happen to be addressed to the various character.
  12. Who has ACCESS to their servers and your list? Anytime you hand over your buyer list, you're fetching a stake. You don't deprivation your feature or any person other using your enumerate for spamming purposes.
  13. What happens if many addresses are UNDELIVERABLE? These are besides called "bounces" or "bounce-backs." You don't deprivation them to unthinkingly shift hatchet job for "soft bounces," which are due to fly-by-night terms look-alike overladen mailboxes.
  14. How do users SUBSCRIBE AND UNSUBSCRIBE? Do they have to drop by a Web folio or can they do it via email (best if both options are accessible). Is the course of action azygos or dual opt-in? (Double is superior for more guarantee - the user has to respond to a statement electronic communication until that time she's more to your register.) Is the modus operandi kept simple?
  15. Can you customise your LIST SERVER DOCUMENTS? This implementation messages suchlike your champion welcomed and good-by messages. (You'll unquestionably poorness to be able to do this, since the prewritten messages more index services use are revoltingly nipping and disorienting.)
  16. Can your e-zine pass PERSONALIZED GREETINGS AND MESSAGES? Not necessary, but a particularly nice facet. For example, if your e-zine came to me, it would set off off with thing like, "Hello Alexandria!"
  17. How commonly do they BACK UP their servers? It should be at smallest possible erstwhile both day. Also ask if you can download your lists to backbone them up on your own, as a accumulation to their backup!
  18. Can you dispatch a TEST MESSAGE out to yourself or other soul in the past you dispatch out all reason for real? You'll unquestionably poverty this because it's the privileged way to see how your e-zine looks on the recipient's end, do a proofread, and cheque all your hyperlinks.
  19. Can you see stats on your CLICK-THROUGH rates? If you produce in HTML, you should be able to see how many a citizens - and even correctly who - opens your messages.
  20. Can they AUTOMATICALLY ARCHIVE your issues if you'd same them to? Some work will repository your e-zines at their site, others can piece it so they're archived at your own scene (which is better-quality).
  21. Are they at the moment BLOCKED anywhere on the Web? If so, it may penny-pinching they've been reportable for allowing spammers to use their scheme. You don't poverty to tough grind with any enumerate pay that's been out of use anywhere, because it agency that your e-zine won't get all of your readers.

(c) 2002 Alexandria K. Brown

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