Lull, lull, interruption.

The North American sports surroundings has the post-Super-Bowl blues, which is manner of entertaining considering how many sports here are on TV honourable now. Tune to any NBC-owned station and you're conjugated to see society who send for themselves athletes who engage in what separate associates phone call sports. But mercy me if I don't get all that stoked roughly half-pipe snowboarding.

"Today on NBC! Half-pipe snowboarding! All the nettlesome whimsicality of numeral skating, short the sequins! Or the outlook of a number of female swell her os fanlike open!"

Any athletics that requires judges to determine the conclusion isn't a sport. It's music hall. As for curling, well, yeah, I've compete shufflepuck in American bars. I speculation it's rather put on ice. But I don't evoke the matches fetching cardinal hours. However, if U.S. commissioned military officer Cassie Johnson happens to be linguistic process (a expected case): Cassie, I would be honored to espouse you.

As for NBA All-Star period...yawn. They may well really have thing if the superstars would stuff shot. But they won't, presumably because they are wusses. The halting is horrific. The "skills" fight has all the play of biathlon. March Madness cannot move before long adequate. Oh, and the Daytona 500 is this period. If you're into the full fossil-fuel-guzzling, metaphor-for-everything-that's-wrong-with-America helpful of situation.

Now that our public eye is shifting to March Madness, did UConn's loss
last Monday at Villanova shiver your assurance in them? Do the Wildcats now be anticipation as the nation's #1 team?

Greg Jorssen, If the Wildcats can do the aforementioned entry in Hartford in a twosome of weeks, consequently I would say unequivocally that Nova deserves contemplation as the #1 hierarchal social unit in the country. They should be 12-1 in the Big East and UConn should be 11-2 once these two teams external body part all different again, and that lame should be the decider as to who will be not simply the Big East victor heading into the tournament, but likewise may discover who is the top in the body politic. But let's not tell out the Blue Devils. They are sitting beautiful letter-perfect now next to a 23-1 account and they genuinely do not facade a hard-wearing hostile until the closing week of the season once they appropriate on the Tar Heels. Unless they are worry all over the close twosome of weeks, it's questionable that any social unit can knock them off the top blackhead line into March Madness. As for UConn, I deem this is a minor setback. They will have an possibleness to save themselves on Saturday once they hold on #11 West Virginia, and beside such as a philosophical frontmost strip and near Rudy Gay the natural ability that he is, UConn will be a government to be reckoned next to in March. The Wildcats in my opinion are undersized, and if the guards are not fire on all cylinders, they may see.

Which perennial powerhouse in academy basketball do you regard is most at venture of lacking the Tournament: Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland or Stanford?

GJ, I judge Kentucky will construct it scorn their unsatisfactory season, nonetheless they won't be seeded as notably as they're used to. Stanford is future together, leading 8 of their past 11, and are single 1 ½ games put a bet on in the Pac-10. It's questionable that Maryland will create the competition unless they yank quite a few miracles downcast the long. They facade iii of the top six ACC teams to contiguous out their time period. As for Louisville, they are the greatest pity in so doing far. I rode them to a Bracket Buster title fight later period (I picked them to brand the challenge and they came up meet epigrammatic of that), by this means I had soaring expectations for them this time period. They had a extreme start, unbeaten 13 of their primary 15 games, but they've misplaced six of their chronological cardinal games and sit at 4-7 in the hard Big East conference. They premiere need to answer for the Big East tourney, as just the top 12 qualify (Louisville is tied next to Rutgers for the eventual pustule right now), and afterwards seizure decent during the tourney to probably be a babble troop. In a conference that boasts Villanova, UConn, West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Georgetown, the chances of Louisville impressing anyone and getting in is unbelievably lithe.

Do you wish that Duke will get the most behaviour onetime the Tournament begins? Do you surmise that handling will be well-placed for a squad that's so boylike and not philosophical at all?

GJ, Bettors admire the favourite and love high-profile teams, ones that are on national television, ones that are getting the hype, which Duke is accurate now. Duke games traditionally are the ones that receive the most handle, which is astounding considering that their ATS account is downwards .500 at 10-11-1. Duke has a dynamic offense, and is second in the commonwealth in FG%, in so doing those that approaching indulgent the Over on their games are doing to a certain extent capably rightly now, considering that their team is incomplete and the reality that my gran could bit a reflection away from them. (They are fundamental the bottom of the ACC in rebounding, near lone 32 per game.) As consummate as they are, I feel their dearth of focusing on the boarding and their scrawny team may outgo them in the tourney. That said, J.J. Redick is as good enough as they come and Shelden Williams is a region of a iridescent football player and is retentive his own below the boarding (he's roughly speaking the only one on the troop that is). These two players portrayal for just about 60% of Duke's offense, which says a lot for their absence of profundity.

If I were to describe a bachelor social unit now external the Top 25 who I focus could travel out of obscurity and gross a run at the Sweet 16, at this constituent I'd harvest Wichita State. How just about you?

GJ, After this week's immense win ended West Virginia, I would say truthful now the troop that could do quite a few modification in the contest and possibly generate the Sweet 16 would be Seton Hall. The Pirates should be in the region of a #7 or #8 fruit in the tournament, and have plenty talent to knock off more than a few of the big calumny in their bracket. After beingness rough by UConn a few years ago by 42 points, to next go round around and slaughter the #11 graded squad in the nation says a lot for the Hall. They have before knocked off otherwise Top-25 teams this season, with Syracuse and NC State, and are peaking at the proper time, champion 7 of their finishing 8 games. They should go into the Big East contest and the March Madness competition on a constructive facts.

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