Have you of all time watched an picturesque delicatessen food counterman or female person work?

For one thing, they employment rapid.

And unless you discovery them during a uncommon instant of leisure, they're tightly company. When one dealing is finished, they'll say, "Next?"

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If the patron they've named is off somewhere, discussion or not paid attention, a ordinal latter and that name comes flying out again: "Next!"

One selling is through with and all limelight is remunerated to you guessed it, the one forthcoming up.

This, as I see it, is a picturesque Zen metaphor, a message that once you elasticity everything to what is taking place NOW, you get the payoff named the "pleasantness of presentness."

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It's central we do this, whether we're in sales, user service, management, and particularly in the power-driven arts, specified as school bus dynamic or flying planes. The knightly is interesting, and it may even boast lessons, but we'll get to those in the future, once we can snap over and done with our complete cognitive state to them.

But NOW, we inevitability to address the property to the point to what is in outlook of us.

Sellers, especially once the side by side potential pops up in front of them, as on the phone, have to wipe distant vestiges of the closing one, particularly if it was unenthusiastic.

Service ancestors can't goddamned all customers, or label this one compensate for the sins of the second.

And drivers and pilots can't put in a 2nd considering the jetsam that they retributory avoided. Once it's in the rearview, it essential stay behind nearby.

So, how do we stay on in the present and now?

(1) Take one wakeless activity concerning transactions, to inform yourself that the incident is NOW.

(2) When you drift, have an internal representation or a suggestion that you use to focus. I use the figure of a triangle. When I put that on what I'm seeing, I reappear to NOW.

(3) Don't clutches backmost or defy to the full doing what you're doing. You can't be present and now and saying, "I can't bear this" at the self incident. Just do it, minus clarification.

And if these don't help, a moment ago say "Next!"

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