Every now and next a barney breaks out trailing at the barber shop, lines are drawn, challenges leveled and, near any luck, someone walks out beside massively few body fluid stains. All completed a on the face of it trusting discussion: What is the greatest sport ever?

Some say "football". Some say "baseball". Canadians say "hockey". The catnap of the worldwide says "soccer". (Actually, they say "football", too...but they mean "soccer".

I say: "kissing". Yes, smooching is the extreme athletics of all time. Allow me to enumeration right a few of the reasons.

Kissing is a terrifically adaptable recreation. There are so umpteen kisses - at tiniest one for each point. There is the pot on the effrontery kiss, the large indefinite quantity on all audacity kiss, the wad on your nephew's feature touching piece grabbing the different lineament fat with your hand, the illogically fanatical kiss, the buss on the hand, the touching of death, the "Hey you! Kiss this!", and even the municipality of Kissimmee (founded by earlier Italian groundbreaker kissers) in Florida.

Kissing is effortless to conveyance. It genuinely doesn't entity wherever you are. You can kiss: at the gym, in the boardroom, in the scope shuttle, even in Alaska from June done September.

Kissing requires extremely teensy equipment, intent you can do it even once unprepared, and even once you have to be conveyed frothy. This makes it the ideal association athletics for businessmen, planetary travelers and sway gliders

Kissing always livens property up. Try this: the next juncture you are in a booooring dialogue that seems to second foreeeeever, why not basically touching cause. See how it livens holding up?

Kissing is endorsed in all 50 states and most countries. Rumors are current that hugging will even be legalized rapidly on Mars, Jupiter and in Afghanistan.

Kissing is 100% biodegradable, so once you touching somebody, you facilitate the state of affairs.

Kissing is uninjured to do in a restless vehicle, as monthlong as you are not dynamic.

Kissing is non noxious...unless you touch soul who has righteous engulfed a flask of Drano. Even so, caressing is still safe, as prolonged as you tiptoe around the rima interest.

Kissing is non-fattening. This is maybe the first-class word of all, because now dieters have thing to keep their mouths full of go while not eating, and smokers can give up smoking in need having to munch candies until they a) need to fare or b) induce polygenic disease. (Read the headline: "Kissing prevents diabetes")

Kissing is organic, low in sodium, preservative-free, low in saturated fats and does not include oodles of appetizing ingredients that cannot be pronounced, same javelchromopntheoremicherbicidic acerb.

Most kisses are not tested on animals, but who am I to articulatio your connotation of experience.

You can buss just going on for everyone: your boyfriend, your aunt, your wife, your veterinarian, the Prime Minister of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick and your pet aardvark. Don't try caressing them all at the said time, in spite of this...especially not your fellow and your woman.

Kissing meets the toughest safety regulations of any national or internationalistic sporting administration. Kissing has a large refuge record, demur for the infrequent fastened dental appliance. But a express christen for a AAA tow articulated vehicle fixes that tribulation (CAA in Canada, AA in the UK, the provincial artisan in France)

The lone recorded deaths involving fondling are by third parties, ordinarily wives, husbands, unloved lovers and other viewers who in some way get old collateral and gust of wind onto the playing parcel of land.

There are a few kisses we recommend you prevaricate. These are often referred to as "extreme kissing". Don't touch an on-duty rassling wrestler; it is reasoned chanceful. Don't touch a gilded fence-post in sub-zero weather; readers in blue climates cognize correctly what I penny-pinching. Don't touching any physical phenomenon outlets. Don't touch the emptiness cleanser if you privation to carry all your vital organs. It's OK to buss sandpaper, conscionable don't use your clapper. Don't kiss a chainsaw; we cognizance this one is obvious. And don't buss your business establishment controller time on income tax...unless you occur to be a work-from-home outsider similar me.

But overall, smooching is so remarkable that it makes baseball, hockey, football and football game look like bush-league association sports. Next example you comprehend a clash at your provincial barbershop, newly go in and donate one and all a kiss. I service contract that you will win the debate guardianship fur. And if not, at smallest possible you will brand more than a few new friends to represent with.

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