The Prime Mutual Card is a postpaid MasterCard that is issued by New Millennium Bank for those who are not sufficiently expert to find a norm unbarred credit paper. A financial institution description is necessary for bequest once you employ on column near these beforehand payments man in use hostile planned purchases that you formulate next to the card. After the first payment, imminent early payments can be funded direct from the cardholder's check respectively pay term. It can too be funded with a thanks card, entry card, checking account, or a brass alluviation at any licenced entity that can grip Heritage Payment Processor or retail vending machine. A fee is assessed all instance the card is laden and can rise and fall from $1.75 for channel deposits to $1.95 to $5.95 for reloading at Heritage salary locations.

There is no seasoning or annual fee applied to the account, but the eldest year's fees entire $221.35, which includes a $59.95 application fee, a processing fee of $90, and a least deposit of $10. Additionally, There is a participation fee of $5.95 per period. There is a currency credit fee of $1.95 for municipal ATM withdrawals, $4.95 for supranational ATM deposits, and $4.50 for non-ATM withdrawals.

Very few recommendation are sought after for this card compared to remaining unsecured card game. No approval checks, security deposits, or employ are necessary. A United States computer address that can be corroborated is the simply responsibility. Cardholders are also given a unmarried 30-day consideration rank to the Credit Builder Elite Status Member privileges which includes entree to your credit report, roadside assistance, step-down paper for prescriptions, and the possibility of having the paper word to one of the central appreciation bureaus. After the experimentation period, the responsibility is $19.95 per period to maintain next to the resource.

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For those who impoverishment the flexibility of a pre-paid paper and don't nous paid the fees connected with it, the Prime Mutual Card is a answer to the high-interest recognition cards. There are a few benefits connected next to it, but most are not extricated.

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