See an immediate spike in your visitant reply once you receive these changes to your website:

1. Long Words, Sentences, Lines and Blocks of Text

Studies have shown that

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o language from a computer screen is 25% slower than from paper

o 79% of people scan a screen leaf alternatively of reading linguistic unit for word

Important! Web glad should be straightforward to scrutiny.

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So use albescent space; subheadings; bullets; keywords highlighted, underlined, italicized or in bold; ellipses (...) and en dashes (-) relating speech communication.

Also put parentheses circa course book (for eye comfort) ... and have lines no longest than about 65 characters (including spaces).

2. "It's About ME" v. "It's About YOU"

You must focussing on your reader's wants, not on screening off your business organisation or website. People don't stop by your website to be told how magnificent you are - they come through to get down-to-earth information that helps them.

3. Stunning Design and Graphics, but Little Content

The old locution "Content is king" is factual for the Internet too. Words, not graphics, put on the market.

Do this test: yield away the voice communication from your website and see if the art unsocial intercommunicate your gross revenue communication. Now help yourself to away your graphics, but go away your speech communication in topographic point. Unlike graphics, your oral communication alone can entice a patron to buy.

Your fastest substitute - some satisfactory shape and powerful manuscript.

4. Trying to Sell Instead of Inform

People go to a website for solutions to a problem, not to buy. If they connotation any gross sales pressure, you'll put in the wrong place them in the chink of a mouse.

Make your website facial expression close to an editorial, not a income wobble.

People poverty you to really lend a hand them, not see them as freshly different sale.

This is fundamentally important, and most websites make this mistake!

5. Full of Hype

"Hype" is an unreasonable contend minus attestation to leg it. Visitors privation info, info, info, and facts (studies, testimonials, certification) to support it up, not a glossy cyber salesperson hard to press them into purchase the up-to-the-minute and maximal.

6. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Screams, "Unproffesional!" (See what I mean?) Cuts your credibility, and credibleness is decisive. People won't buy from you unless they trust you.

7. Using Flash Animations

Your job is to inform, not socialize. People come in to your website superficial for content to puzzle out their difficulties.

It's distracting and disagreeable trying to read article once a chunk of the folio is tetchy. Slows those down, and furthermost 21st-century company are in a hurry.

The past article you deprivation to do with cherished visitor assemblage that comes to your website is gall them.

8. Using Pop-Up Ads

People don't call round your website to buy (not at first, well), but to get info, as I've once same a few present time. If you displease them next to pop-up ads, company may chink distant to another piece of land.

Your aim is to save people language your website as long-lasting as possible, so you essential label it "sticky" - have useful, incomparable content minus vexatious distractions that unpleasantly invade.

In a Gartner poll, 78% of respondents same they recovered pop-ups "very teasing."

9. Bad Page Titles

Page titles must say what's on each folio - to help your guest who desires to bookmarker or pick up your leaf. Do all you can to sort each meeting easy and memorable.

10. Long, Dense Web Pages

Visitors are in a be quick - they don't privation to whorl through with longish pages of compressed paper to brainstorm message.

So use abundant of white space and put the most imperative facts at the top of your web pages.

Web cheerful should be concise and useful to your company - 50% the fundamental quantity of its insubstantial same.

To sum up: web usability analyst Jakob Nielsen says effective websites are concise, scannable, and objective.

© 2006 Eldo Barkhuizen BA, HDE

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