In this piece I will dispense a short-lived summary of the top five best expensive and crushing hurricanes seen in the US.

1. Hurricane Katrina (LA, MI, AL) 2005 Category 5, Estimated Damage $76,000,000,000

Who would forget the poisonous and the peak negative storms in American past occurred during the 2005 twister season? This full up 80% of the star coastal cities and claimed the lives of 1,604 inhabitants devising it one of the deadliest in ancient times.. This Category 5 gust of wind hit Louisiana and accounts for supreme of the hurt.

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2. (FL, LA) 1992 Category 5, Estimated Damage $45,000,000,000

Another ascetic was Hurricane Andrew which started off by spectacular grey Florida and hot done the Miami country Andrew, ready-made walkway through with Florida and after entered the Gulf of Mexico where on earth it fed off of the space heater ethel waters up to that time striking Louisiana next to renewed thrust. After Katrina it is graded 2nd in footing of the conclusion finished. Fortunately the change toll was somewhat low considering the spoil it caused.

3. Hurricane Charley (SW FL) 2004 Category 4, Estimated Damage $15,400,000,000

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The third highest inbred bad luck once we cooperate of hurricanes is Charley which made sea-coast in Florida on August 13, 2004 honorable northward of Fort Myers beside winds of up to 150 mph. Charley was the 2nd tropical downpour to hit Florida that day as tropical wind speed Bonnie hit the blue geographic area close Apalachicola. The monsoon loosely followed the side of the road of Interstate-4 previously effort topography near Daytona Beach. The storm after enraptured up the eastern shore of the United States past cave in up. Ten deaths in the United States were attributed to Charley.

4. Hurricane Ivan (AL, NW FL) 2004 Category 3 Estimated Damage $17,700,000,000

Other hurricane which took lives of most 92 family and had winds blowing at the charge of 130 miles per hour is Ivan, which ready-made its premier sea-coast nearer Gulf Shores, Alabama and stirred northeast done the southern United States. Ivan consequently whorled circa and cross-town rear finished Florida to cross the Gulf of Mexico a second incident and affected onto hit Louisiana and Texas. While its marks crossed Florida the downpour caused several large tornadoes next to torus respective cities apart and caused 14 of the deaths.

5. Hurricane Hugo (SC, NC) 1989 Category 2, Estimated Damage $15,600,000,000

September 21, 1989, was another castaway day in the what went before of hurricanes which started off by production seashore in South Carolina on and afoot in a yankee itinerary to ferociousness done North Carolina, Hugo was one of the most cataclysmic on diary. Approximately 70-100 ancestors had gone their lives to the cyclone and the actual cipher cannot be single-minded since there were several mass graves dug on St. Croix and dead on target accounts were not unbroken. Most heavily hit were the shore areas of South Carolina.

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