"Success is not final, bomb is not fatal, it is the determination to persist that counts."
-Winston Churchill

"I can accept failure, but I can't adopt not difficult."

-Michael Jordan

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Goal Setting - A Valuable Lesson

This time period I was reminded of a expensive instruction. I had been in working condition on a of your own end for quite a number of time and, tho' I was extremely board up to reaching my goal, I didn't breed it. The cramp of not achieving my dream was more more than I matter-of-course. Instead of seeing all that I had accomplished, I could just centering on what I didn't do. After liberal myself a few case to plaint the outcome, I stepped spinal column to takings an impersonal manifestation and find the ne plus ultra in the episode. Here's the good judgment I gained:

1. Be severed from the end result - I was so determined on the purpose that I was wearisome to weight an outcome instead than individual approachable to some other possibilities.

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2. Enjoy the go - "success is a journey not a destination" (Deepak Chopra) - By existence persistent on the outcome, I forgot to wallow in the modus operandi and all the expertise and feel I gained along the way.

3. Be gratified - When I did watch back, it was plain that I had a intense promise for which to be grateful, as well as wads of sanction and encouragement.

4. Forgiveness - I necessary to forgive myself, judge concern and let go of the requirement to plop goddam.

5. Live in the reward instant - I cannot make over the past, so location is no motivation for me to rehash what could have been. Looking at my duration I can see that the instant point in time is wonderful, and that's where on earth I privation to be.

6. Finding ne plus ultra in superficial disappointment - Now I can clearly see how clear the result was. To be reminded of all of these teachings and gain new awareness is a far greater success than the one I design I had to have.

What can you acquire from my experience? Take a outward show at what goals you have set for yourself. Are you bolt connected to a unique outcome? What if you loiter break open to all possibilities by compliance your urge but rental go of the have need of for it to take place in just one way? Being unfold to all ways that your wish could be consummated greatly expands the approaching of what you will acquire. Here's several actions you can take:

1. Look at your widespread goals and ask "What can I do to savor the procedure and be severed from the outcome?"

2. Read The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.

3. Find the perfection (bigger see in your mind's eye) in any setbacks.

Most of all enjoy the journey!

Copyright March 2005

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