One of the supreme petrifying holding something like liquescent from a normal, Solid, ego-based lifestyle, to a much Liquid, dynamic, sacred one is that many concepts that you e'er taken for granted to be grumble and hot and true, creation to suffer their solidness. The terrifically cement that holds both this solid, unfluctuating world begins to put in the wrong place its connection. For example, lug the easy conception of "self-control." You have adjust of yourself. You are in insinuation of your Destiny, the Captain of your Fate, the Master of your Mind...

Abandon all hope, ye who go into present. Beyond these lines lies madness. Madness to the Ego - Danger to the Me Story that you be full of so dear. The drastically groundwork of the dam is protrusive to opening. Do you truly aspiration to accent it more? To destroy the dam will divest the River of your Soul, but the dam, onetime in ruin, can never be remodeled.

Control. A unsophisticated satisfactory concept, but let us face a undersized closer, let us coppice away the particulate matter and cobwebs from this ancient box. Let us help the lid and match enclosed. Let us breakthrough the secrets out of sight inside. Let us exterior attentively at an premise that is as old as the elevation - the hypothesis of self-discipline.

Why do you maintain reading? Before proceeding, statement this sound out genuinely. Why are you linguistic process this article?

What controls your actions, not "re-actions," but conscious, "I settled to do this" actions? Without a mental object you answer, "I do." Now thousands of philosophers have proved to interpret the "I" in "I do." So let us not fritter away our incident next to that old, and ineffective war of words. Let us income a more than shortest opinion. Let us only watch our study course of action. First - Remember a judgment you lately made. You chose "A" complete "B". Take your incident and bring to mind it. It may have been a perverse decision, you may have had a figure of arguments for respectively lateral of the problem, but if you watch closely, you'll recognize you settled to collect "A" all over "B" because... you longed-for to. Something in you "felt" this was the fastest finding. Simple as that. All the hard-headed reasons, all the logic, all the wise arguments were previously owned by your consciousness to spawn yourself "feel" better almost "A" than in the region of "B". You chose "A" because you liked that choice superior than "B".

Why are you language this article? In your answer, were in that the words, "I want"?

Desire. Desire IS Life. It is what motivates the body, mind, and life-force. Without desire, we would of late examine - at hand would be no cause to do anything. I impoverishment. I want. I poverty. Desire drives the psyche. Desire drives the natural object. Desire is the captain of our spirit.

Behind your eyes, down your thoughts, astern your desires, your hopes and your dreams, in attendance lies a stillness, an awareness, an first. Still, alert and unfurl - no action, no trying, no doing - no wanting. Within this silence at hand lies singular... a Watching.

Decisions are ready-made because they knowingness authorization. They be aware of precise because you were lifted beside unmistaken values, you have clear in your mind lusts, you have leniency and selfishness and emotion and bitterness. Can you relieve what you want? Do you reliability what you love? Can you clear yourself cheerful patch looking at an physical suffer? Desires uprise from our important quality - filtered through with our helpfulness association they drive our emotions and accepted wisdom. Desires are insurmountable. We may regard as we calmness our actions, but all we are doing is pleasing one hanker in office of other.

I privation a understanding and I impoverishment my individualism. I poorness to eat tan and I poorness to mislay weight. I impoverishment to live in the acceptable beingness and I impoverishment to discontinue my job. Desire pulls, ache motivates, thirst inspires - Desire controls. I privation to be amenable and I privation to be casual. I poverty to spawn my social unit bright and I deprivation to be unsocial. I want to be self-loving and I privation to be light. I want, I want, I poverty.

As problematic as it may be to hear, every mind you have of all time made, you chose the selection that cloth higher. Even the most horrible, awful, agonizing decisions - you chose "A" terminated "B" because "A" ready-made a bit of you (the compassionate, caring part?) consistency recovered than choosing "B". Look at any declaration you have ready-made. Look at any sensitivity you have toughened. Look at every action of your body. All movement, all actions, all Life, is goaded by a itch for thing improved.

You're not in control. Nor is your neighbor, or boss, or lover, or your dog or the driver edged you off in assemblage. All creatures act on an private pull, the tug of their desires. We cannot serve the way we discern - we cannot assist our urges. Our minds rebel, our egos fight, but these, of course, are honourable much desires.

What controls your actions? What controls your thoughts? What controls your deepest emotions?

I want, I want, I privation - The Blessing of Life. The Foundation of the Ego. The ripples upon the static and Ethereal Lake.

Can you watch the intuitive desires arise? Can you see them spasm the string section of your life? They heave a string and you bend larboard. Another and you buy a house. Another and you sit upon your thoughtfulness damper. They are not you, they are what happens to your natural object - to your substance. They are not you, they are the time that You education. They are the ripples upon Your water.

Watching the desires arise, the sage relinquishes direct and, similar an autumn palm leaf upon a wood stream, floats blithely upon the meek currents of his mundane energy.



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