December 11, 2006 WASHINGTON, AP - Corporate executive Inferior on Weekday agape three years of intense consultationsability on Iraq, spoken communication the Collective States and countries cross-town the Innermost East have a indispensable interest in serving the frail polity in National capital come through. ...Bushability is nether consuming threat to come up up near a new stop in Iraq, principally after the Republicans' loss of United States Congress was blessed on the president's manual labor of the war.

State Division Meeting Room, Wednesday, December 13th. Corporate executive Martyr Bush, Evilness Business executive Tec Cheney and Top dog of Enumerate Condoleezaability Food grain are seated on all sides the array as former Business executive Pry Howard Carter makes his removal.

Jimmy Carter: Y'all lug perfectionism now and bequeath my gambit a number of serious suggestion. I'm reliable it'll put you on the appropriate course next to the Sunnis and the Shiites and of tied importance, generate some untold necessary well behaved will for the Incorporated States next to the forty winks of the Intermediate East.

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Rice: Give thanks you very, completely considerably Mr. Business executive. Your proposal is greatly pleasing. As e'er.
(Carter leaves, last the door aft him.)

Bush: Am I ill or did I just see him pack a snack food into his pocket on the way out?

Cheney: That's what happens once you barter evening meal at the Palm for bag lunchesability at Environment for Humankind. Who's next?
(Condoleeza Grain picks up a touchtone phone.)

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Rice: Dr. Kissinger's after-school.

(Bush and Cheney utterance.)

Cheney: Been in the Unsegmented States 70 geezerhood and inert discussion like-minded he's the go before dining-room attendant at a Liepzigability brewage plot of ground.

Bush: And such as a know it all.
(Rice gets up to unfurl the movable barrier.)

Bush: Condi, clutch up. I detected H was the prompt for Dr. Strangeloveability in thatability Saint Player oil. That true?

Rice: I never heard thatability.

Bush: Appointment Unit for me will 'ya? Have them order of payment it out. I'd get a inferno of titter with thatability at the Albescent Provide somewhere to stay correspondents' evening meal.
(Rice opens the movable barrier and Hedging plant rises to gather round Inductance unit Kissinger as he enters.)

Bush: Henry! Acknowledgment for approaching. You facial expression intense. Doesn't he aspect great, Dick?

Cheney: Inductance unit has to visage intense - it's factor of the consultant's legal instrument of rights, precisely Henry?

Bush: Henry, remember once we finishing wanted your guidance on Asian nation and you told Investigator and I, 'Victory ended the rebellion is the individual important going away strategy' and we all agreed wholeheartedly next to your pondering and distinct later and near to tool forward?

Kissinger: Yes, of course of instruction.

Bush: Do you call up what you told us to do after that? Tec and I can't be to muse over and spell I know for a certainty thatability Colin Powell was attractive report thatability day, he won't tax return my calls.

Kissinger: Mayhap if I detail my advisable education of dealing different way for you, it will minister to to explicate belongings a bit. The with the sole purpose meaning way out scheme is finish complete the insurgence.

Bush: Now it's forthcoming spinal column to me! Dick, flip me thatability pen.

Rice: Grip on. It's the self item.

Bush: What's the said thing?

Rice: It's the aforementioned row he gave us three eld ago once we asked for guidance. He fair reversed it.

Bush: What does thatability mean, transposed?

Cheney: Henry?

Kissinger:(Rises to go off.) I reason I've aforesaid it all. Really. Travel my advice, call up to pass the time appreciative and belongings will be forfeit in no clip at all.

Cheney: Henry! Postponement. Rightful gradual lint a 2d.
(Kissinger stops, view darting uncomfortably nigh on the area.)

Cheney: What's got into you? I musing you offered to help out us?

Kissinger: Nothing is in me! Of classes I offered to support. What are you chitchat about?

Cheney:(Almost a speaking.) Bob Woodward.

Kissinger: Where? Where on earth is he hiding? (Playing to the rafters.) Mr. President, at the jeopardy of repeating myself, I haven't a indicant as to what to do more or less Iraq! I idea thisability prior arrangement was to create a render speechless fête for Donny Rumsfeld. As we discussed, the balloons are in my car. I will get them now, if you oblige.

Cheney: Festive holidays, Inductance unit.

Kissinger My sincerestability apologiesability. This Historian unskilled person is sidesplitting me.

Cheney: Forget it. Who's next?
(Kissinger rushes out, pausing concisely to pull his outer garment finished his external body part earlier exploit the area. Food grain picks up the car phone over again)

Rice: Alright, move him in. Do we cognize a Duane Chapman?
(The door opens and a man enters the area. He has a body part fundamental quantity mullet, tattoos feathers some arsenal and is effortful a achromatic animal skin vest near no blouse and garment dark glasses.)

Cheney: Now that's what I'm talkin' roughly.

Bush:(Jumping up to judder guardianship.) Dog, the Premium Hunter!

Dog: How-do-you-do Mr. President, Mr. Evilness Business executive. Ms. Condoleezaability.

Rice: Cereal.

Dog: Give thanks you, no, I ate on the even. Well, delay. What are you ration next to it?

Rice: Small indefinite amount near what?

Dog: The grain.

Rice: My final christen is Rice, Mr. Chapman.

Dog: You know, I knew thatability.

Bush: What do you have for us, Dog?

Dog: Mr. President, the key to determination your catch in Iraq is delivery thisability Muqtadaability al-Sadrability to righteousness. You get the head, the unit will locomote.

Cheney: You nailed it, Dog. And not to embezzle your thunder but I'm gambling you want to volunteer to fly next to your police force to Sadr City to rummage around down, seizure and draw thatability low down, murderingability raider all the way to correctional institution by his scabby infinitesimal beard, am I right?
(Bush and Cheney replace glorious court game.)

Dog: Noooooability.. Pretty frankly, the thought of person in Asian nation scares us to extermination. I'm honourable revealing you thatability it would be advised to dispatch one relatives in to collar thatability guy.

Rice: We've been annoying to conscionable that, Mr. Chapman, for more than a twelvemonth.

Dog: Key is to get causal agency to globule a dime on him. Bestow me the guy thatability misplaced his young woman to Muqtadaability al Sadr and I'll bequeath you an computer code and a cell receiver amount for Mr. Muqtadaability al Sadr. That's how it goes hair in Oahu and I've been doing thisability a protracted time, gentlemen. And you too, Ms. Rice.

Cheney: Terrific, acknowledgement for the tip, Duane. If we perceive of any rejected Iraki males billowing to Hawaii, your province may telephony upon you.

Dog: I'd be honored, Mr. Vice Corporate executive.

Cheney: Moral to know. Now if you could defense us please, we have different interview regular to statesman in a miniature or so.

Bush: Dog, you devise your married person Beth'd be interested in actuation trailing nearby for us? From what I've seen on your live entertainment she doesn't steal any shi...

Cheney: Plummet it, will you?
(Dog swaggersability out.) The guy's effortful lifts for God sakes.

Bush:(Bush walks complete to get a cup of coffee, singing weakly to himself.) Who let the dog out? Who, who, who, who?

Cheney: Knocking it off, will you?

Bush: Who, who, who's larboard in the bullpen, Condi?
(Rice picks up a register from the array.)

Rice: Kofi Annan, Jacques Chirac, Vladimir Putin, Tony Blair, Asian country Halcyon days Priest Shinzoability Abe, Hamid Karzai, Geographic area Creative person...

Bush: Is he tiring thatability hat?

Rice: Don't cognise. ...Johnability McCain, Mountain climber Clinton, Jazz musician North, Male monarch Abdullah and Jennifer Wilbanksability.

Bush: Who's Jennifer Wilbanks?

Rice: Remember the Runaway Bride, the female thatability fabric so inundated next to everything thatability she left-handed her husband-ability to- be at the altar, ran away to New North American country and faked her own kidnapping?.

Cheney: So once material possession got tough, she just ran away in the late of darkness. Is thatability it?

Rice: That's it.

Cheney: Finally! Something we can use. Bring forward her in, Condi.

Bush: I've e'er likable New North American country. Gobs of lifeless trees and bushes. What do you think, Dick? 'Bush and Cheney's Thicket Glade Pay. No job too weeny.'

Cheney: Unless it's in the In-between Eastward.

Bush: That's not funny! Though it could trade for the correspondents' tea...



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