"I was decorativeness a unfit and had two pieces left, one on 4, and the opposite on 2. I coiled a 6, 3, and I proposal the hobby was over, but my rival same that I had to dislocate my 4 fraction to the 1 slot, next thieve the 2 off with the 6 lumber. She same I had to do this because I had the possibility to change my bit. I've got $... moving on this, please act."

We have normative various messages as the above one and arranged to bring a profitable steps for beginners. The instructions is quite simple:

"If the numeral of the dice that you have coiled is tight or bigger than the digit of the row* that your checker** is located you carnivore off. If the dice number is small than the row cipher you essential gambol that digit by tetchy your attender towards rows with smaller number."

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Row*: the space, the slot, the field... that you dramatic composition or position your checkers. 24 rows be real on the backgammon flat timber.

Checker**: the stone, the section... that you romp on the sheet. Each entertainer has 15 checkers.

The process may appear delicate but don't worry, it's not, let me explain! To beginning to tolerate off you should enter all your board game into your quarters zone and in your marital territory you have 6 rows. Let's put a numeral to all of these 6 rows. The premier one is "r1" which is likewise the row that your opponent's two draughts are located on the commencing of the activity.

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Then you have "r2", "r3", "r4", "r5" bordered squad by side and the past one is "r6" in which you point v draughts on the commencing. Now you cognize that the row number is a cipher linking 1 and 6. Same of the die number!

Now suppose that you have one checker in row 5 and one tender in row 2 (better is to use your valid backgammon committee and imitate those possibilities), and you have involute a "6 3", 6 is large than 5 and 3 is larger than 2, and you tolerate off your two checkers!

Suppose you have 2 board game in "r4" and one checker in "r1", you have rolled a "4 3", you suffer off one attender from "r4" next to your dice figure 4, and for dice number 3 you essential remove one tender from "r4" to "r1".

You have 3 checkers in "r6" and 2 checkers in "r3", 4 draughts in "r2" and 3 checkers in "r1". You have involute a "5 4". Unfortunately you will cut 2 draughts from "r6" to "r2" and "r1", and you can not tolerate any tender off.

You have 3 draughts in "r6", 3 in "r5", 2 in "r4", 4 in "r2" and 3 in "r1", and you have coiled a "double3", because your "r3" is insincere you essential reallocate 2 checkers from "r6" to "r3" and carry 2 board game off from "r3".

You have 3 checkers in "r3", 4 checkers in "r2" and 5 board game in "r1", you have rolled a "5 4". You will take on 2 board game off from "r3".

You have 2 checkers in "r6", 4 draughts in "r5", 1 attender in "r4", 3 draughts in "r3", 3 draughts in "r2" and 2 checkers in "r1". You have involute a "double4". You will take on 1 attender off from "r4", alter 2 board game from "r6" to "r2" and 1 attendant from "r5" to "r1". Only one checker has been whelped off.

Maybe the pessimum character is when you have merely two board game lasting in "r2" and you lumber one "1", for case a "3 1". While 3 is larger than "r2", 1 is smaller, and you will carnivore one attendant off but rearrange the second one to "r1" and intermission for the adjacent appendage. Same for "2 1" or "4 1"

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